Welcome at the world of laser-shaped fences

You may find out personally what you like: Our cutting / shaping technology with a laser-ray machine will do it: Fence blocks, Pergola, Garden-elements, Wall-lining, Decorations for inside, etc. 

The main activity of our workshop is the shaping of metallic elements/components. Our  passion is to produce variable shapes for fences and finely elaborated plates for decoration. You may select or imagine unique fences with very low maintenance-cost, and your fantasy may run practically unlimited regarding the variations.

The components may be made of aluminium, stainless steel, zinc-coated steel or even simple hot-rolled steel. You may find among our stack simple standard-size standard shapes as well as extreme fancy products. We are at your disposal to design specific motives, special-size compositions. Standardized contours are 1000 by 2000 mm. Finish may be untreated, zinc-coated or sinter-coated (powder-coated) on zinc-coating.

Your individual fence will be prized by the neighbourhood and is capable to represent your unique style. Existing fences may be upgraded by single inserts or new entrance doors. Our products may renew the railing of a balcony, terrace or gallery.

You may browse in our photo-collection showing the realised projects, … and develop your  idea of your own. We are at your disposal with a huge experience behind to hint the shapes and details. If you had already imagined or recorded (photographed) some pattern: Our experts would transform it to cutting/shaping program for the machines. The possibilities are quite unlimited – within the frames of metallurgy and mechanics. Regarding the fences you may use a sequence or simple commercial („rod-type”, „grid-type”, „full-type”, etc.) components completed by some specific decorated zones, entrances. Specific inserts in equivalent frames also give attractive effect.

Another main profile of our Company is making steel frameworks for building structures, industrial railing, stairs. Our workshop is equipped for the production of specific metallic structures or serial works. Welding works meet the Standard MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006.